About the Artist

Annette Lodge

Nettie Lodge was born in Nowra, NSW, Australia. Her family moved to Perth WA in 1969 where she finished high school and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art at John Curtain University.

In 1980, she was accepted into a Post Graduate programme at the Banff Centre of Fine Arts in Alberta, Canada for which she was awarded an Overseas Study Grant from the West Australian Arts Council.

Travelling has always been a potent source of inspiration to her work and she has held numerous solo exhibitions based on various and mysterious parts of the world she has visited. Her work is represented in public and private collections around the world. She currently works in Sydney as a freelance illustrator and a part time lecturer at the Billy Blue College of Design.
She exhibits regularly at the Soho Galleries in Sydney where she has held numerous solo shows since 1995.

She is an author and illustrator of children’s books.
In 2005, her childrenʼs picture book BIRD, published by ABC Books won a NOTABLE BOOK MERIT at the Childrenʼs Book Council of Australia Awards. Her most recent book NATEMBA, published by ABC Books is based on the plight of orphaned animals in Africa, for which she researched as a volunteer at a Vervet Monkey sanctuary in South Africa.

She is presently working on a new graphic/ picture book based on THE RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. She lives and paints in her studio on Scotland Island in Pittwater.


1972 Diploma in Graphic Design
Perth Technical College, Western Australia

1975 Bachelor in Fine Art - Major in Painting
Curtain University, Western Australia

1979 Post graduate Studio Programme
Banff Centre of Fine Arts, Alberta, Canada


1982 SUMMER IMAGES...East End Gallery, Sydney
1983 STILLPOINT...Phillips Gallery, Banff, Alberta, Canada
1985 RESORT TO THIS...Hogarth Gallery, Sydney
1985 ANNETTE LODGE...Undercroft Gallery, University of W.A.
1986 FROM TIME TO TIME...Hogarth Gallery, Sydney
1987 SPANISH DREAMS...Hogarth Gallery, Sydney
1988 GHOSTS OF VENICE...Hogarth Gallery, Sydney
1990 GONE TO QUEENSLAND...Artspace, Brisbane
1992 WILD THINGS...Taylor Street Galleries, Sydney
1993 HOME IS THE SAILOR...Lime Gallery, Sydney
1994 MUDZIMO AFRICA...Graphis Fine Art Gallery, Sydney
1996 PIRATES...Australian National Maritime museum
1997 SLOTHS AND SALSA...Soho Gallery, Sydney
1998 A COLD DAY IN IRELAND...Soho Gallery, Sydney
1999 DOG’S NIGHT OUT...Soho Gallery, Sydney
2001 THUMP...Soho Gallery, Sydney
2003 A THOUSAND BUMPY ROADS...Soho Gallery, Sydney
2004 JOURNEYS...Soho Gallery, Sydney
2005 BIRD...Stop Laughing gallery, Blackheath. NSW
2006 OTHER WORLDS...Soho Gallery, Sydney
2008 SPIRIT FISH...Soho Gallery, Sydney
2009 CORRIDOS...Soho Galleries, Sydney
2011 27 DAYS IN THE WORLD...Soho Galleries, Sydney


1980 SIX FROM BANFF...University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
1981 WOMEN ARTISTS...Stephen Mori Gallery, Sydney
1983 INSIDE OUT...Xchanges gallery, Victoria, Evelyn Aimis Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1985 SHELL COLLECTION...Shell Canada Gallery, Calgary, Canada
1986 ARTISTS FROM WA...Undercroft Gallery, University of W.A.
1997 NATIONAL DESIGN COMP...Noosa Regional Gallery, Noosa Qld
1998 LATINO...The Milk Bar Gallery, Melbourne, Vic
2003 STORYTELLERS...Salmon Gallery, Sydney
2009 WATERMARKS...Studio Rouge, Pittwater, Sydney
2010 AUSTRALIAN ICONS...Marks and Gardner Gallery, QLD
2010-11 PITTWATER ARTISTS...Gone Fishing Gallery, Church Point, Sydney
2011 OFFSHORE ARTISTS...Manly Regional gallery, Manly